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Heart Harmony Communications Gets You Online Without The Overwhelm

“The online world doesn’t have to be confusing or painful. It can be easy and fun with the right know-how.”

Heart Harmony Communications


Heart Harmony Communications is a web design, copywriting and online training agency in Brisbane, Australia.

Founder, Ingrid Moyle, is a highly experienced lecturer and trainer, who gently and logically builds your knowledge and your confidence while you learn and explore new skills.

She has lectured at ACU as well as provided countless lectures, workshops and training sessions to individuals and groups for over 30 years.



For over 30 years we have helped small business owners and individuals build their leadership and online skills through mentoring, training and direct support. 

We teach you the skills, strategies and techniques so you can confidently manage your online presence to attract and convert your ideal customers without tricks, manipulation or hustling till it hurts.

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